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Snus is a popular smokeless tobacco product that is growing in popularity in Germany and other parts of the world. With so many flavours, brands and varieties on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which snus is most popular with German consumers. We've done some research to identify 10 of the most common snus currently used in Germany:

killa mini
1. General - This classic Swedish brand offers a variety of traditional flavors such as Original Portion and White Dry Portion for those looking for an authentic experience.

2. Oden's - Popular with younger generations for its unique flavor combinations such as Double Mint Extremely Strong or Vanilla Extra Strong Slim Portions.

3. Thunder Xtra Strong- A strong flavor variant of Swedish Match, available in both portion and loose powder form depending on preference.

4. Killa Mini Extra Strong - An extra strong variant of  Killa mini with an intense nicotine content, only suitable for experienced smokers!

5. Skruf Super White - A high quality white serving of snus made by Skruf AB using natural ingredients, including organic tea leaves, giving it a milder taste than normal snus products.

6. Jakobsson's Melon Strong Portion - One of Sweden's oldest family-owned companies has developed this melon-flavored alternative, which offers long-lasting flavor and low dripping, making it perfect for all-day use!

7. Offroad Original - Another classic from Swedish Match. Offroad Original offers original strength pouches with a high nicotine content and a hint of citrus flavor, for a pleasant smoking experience every time you open your can!

8. Grov Regular Loose - Made since 1866, this loose blend contains a lower moisture content compared to other brands, resulting in a higher absorption rate when used correctly, so users get more of their dose per gram!

9. Goteborgs Rapé Loose Cut - One of Europe's oldest brands, Goteborgs Rapé offers the highest quality 100% natural tobaccos, blended into a smooth yet strong tasting product, with no added chemicals or preservatives!

10. Fiedler & Lundgren No 1 Classic Pouch- The last entry in our list comes from Fiedler & Lundgren, another iconic manufacturer whose flagship Pouch delivers rich tobacco notes with perfectly balanced sweet undertones that create one of the best experiences you could wish for!